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Packed with powerful functionalities to consolidate all your document and content management on to one single platform, FileEazy! can help your organization go paperless or manage the digital content or automate document-driven processes.

We are specialists in document management solutions and will help you save your time and money in deployment, system migration, and business process implementation thus streamlining your Document Management System. FileEazy! is offered as On-premise or Cloud deployment options.

FileEazy! is offered as On-premise or Cloud deployment options. Not sure where to start? With over a combined 300+ man years of experience in Document Management, Digitization and Business Process Automation, you can rely on us to provide you with a solution that leads to immediate and measurable process improvements. Call us on +919867656362 +91222577888 NOW!!

Why Is FileEazy! Special

Easy to use

FileEazy! has an easy to use interface design. Once documents and data reside in the structured system, more easiest file-handling procedures become possible. Using the Quick Search option you can search and retrieve your document with just one click and with Advance Search option you can further filter the retrieval process.

Powerful Design

The powerful design concepts allow users of any skill to navigate and operate the system with ease and peace of mind. Importing existing documents is as simple as drag and drop. You can create a centralized repository of all your documents and with access restrictions you can be assured that your documents are well protected.

Document Management

You can manage and categorize your documents in many ways which enables users with appropriate permissions to retrieve them with ease. Documents can be categorozed and stored by Types, Tags, Folders and Departments. FileEazy! supports most of the popular document formats such as PDF, Image files, TIFF files, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, ZIP files etc.


FileEazy! has a powerful annotation facility that enables you to annotate, add note, Highlight, Strikethrough and add digital signatures to your PDF documents. It also allows you to redact the text and can be viewed only by privileged users. You can store your digital signature and use it later on other documents.

Workflows Management

Workflow allows you to apply the business rules of your organization into document management. For e.g., you can define conditions how and under what conditions a purchase request or a leave application of an employee is to be approved. The requester will be also be notified instantly as the documents moves through different approval stages.

Content Search

A powerful search tool allows the user to locate the document precisely using the many parameters the user can supply. The search can also be performed inside each document identifying documents that contains a particular word or phrase. Operators such as AND, OR and EXACT allows user to search documents precisely.

Product Features


FileEazy! has taken security of your document seriously. FileEazy! runs on a secure server with SSL certification, XSS protection and CRPF protection. You can also encrypt your selected documents so that even if someone has access to your hard-drive they will not be able to open your critical and confidential documents. Please visit our FAQ page to know more about the security features.

Document Encryption

Your documents are very secure in FileEazy! Unauthorized access is prevented by comprehensive login attempt protection. FileEazy! uses industry standard AES encryption mechanism. So that even if someone has access to your hard-drive they will not be able to open your critical and confidential documents.


Notifications allow a user to proactively know if and when a task is assigned to him/her, an action is taken on a request submitted by that user. An Administrator can decide what kind of notifications are to be sent and allow a user to set his/her own notification preferences.


In addition to storing your documents on our cloud securely, FileEazy! can also be deployed as an On-Premise installation. Once installed on your server, FileEazy! can be accessed by any PC on your local network using any internet browser. Please contact us for pricing and more information.

Import Documents

Importing your documents is as easy as drag and drop. FileEazy! does not require that your csv file contains data in any particular order. Using FileEazy’s import tool, you can map the fields on the fly. FileEazy! does not restrict the size and number of files to be imported. Documents of size over 1GB? No problem!

Version Control

FileEazy! supports different versions of the same document and keeps track of them including the ownership, date and time of each version etc. Previous versions of a document can be accessed by a single mouse click. A check-out and check-in process allows the user to create a new version.

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