About Us

FileEazy! is a product developed by Tokyo based TopTech Informatics K.K in partnership with Mumbai based Mathenson Records Management.

With a combined experience of over 500 man years, we understand the pulse of the document manage industry in various industry sectors. Having worked with both private organisations such as newspaper and media houses, and government organisations such as defense departments our expertise in the document management is unmatched.

We are an innovative application development company providing Offshore Software Development Services & solutions with services such as software development, Web Development, Product Development, Open Source Development, E-strategy Consulting.

We have a commitment to ensure that clients can leverage the best of industry-wise standards & intelligence for creating an operationally efficient, and a forward-looking approach to meet the ever-increasing regulatory obligations.

Our offshore center employs engineers skilled in various web development technologies such as .NET, LAMP, J2EE etc. From your simple websites to complex e-commerce solutions can be entrusted to us. Before undertaking any project, we do the right things; prototype proof of concept so that you are confident that what we deliver is exactly what you wanted.

Our Software Development, Web Development, Digital Imaging Solution and CAD Services go beyond just basic IT Services. We blend creativity, technical expertise & innovation with precise business strategy in order to deliver a full spectrum of turnkey solutions to meet your requirements.

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TopTech Informatics K.K.
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